Residential Water Supply Created from the Air

Lowest Cost Atmospheric Water Generators in America 


Aquaria's atmospheric water generators are an alternative, backup, or replacement for your main water supply.

There is humidity in the air all around us, and it is a large untapped source of water. Many regions suffering drought and ground water pollution have plenty of water in the air. Aquaria's patented technology can create water onsite at your business or home for as little as 10 cents a gallon*.

*Cost based on US national average electricity prices


Why Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG)?

Ensure against Water Shortage

Have access to water that is always around you and protect your supplies together with your main water source.

Immediately Available

Aquaria AWGs only require an electrical connection to start creating water. No well drilling, no remodeling.

Location Flexible

Atmospheric water generators are box like units that can be placed on any weight carrying flat surface. This can be in your backyard, at your business premise, on a school campus, and more!

Renewable and Affordable Water 

The air is the world's first endless renewable water supply and it replenishes itself every 9 days. Water is created at an average of 10 cents per gallon.


Aquaria creates abundant, affordable water. Install an Aquaria AWG for as little as $0 down today.

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